Superbia Automotive

May I take this time to introduce myself, my name is Andrew Herbert and I am the owner of Superbia Automotive Ltd.

I started in the industry when I was 16 washing cars for an independent car dealer. I have always had a passion for cars (my favourite being the Ferrari F40) and knew that this was an industry I would like to stay in and one day own my own business.

After working for Ford, Audi and BMW I realised it was the right time to go alone and not only start a business but to build a legacy for the future. Superbia Automotive Ltd was born on the 1st of August 2013. The BIG plan for the business is to be the best independent car dealer in Essex. This isn't going to be easy because we have a lot of competition but with the help of our current client base and you we stand a chance.

So if you want to join us in making a small business into something great it will be our pleasure to take you on our journey.

Kindest Regards
Andrew Herbert